Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS) at Scale

Written by dcc |  08/09/2023 - 11/41

Cloud gaming or Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS) attracted the attention since 2000s.  GaaS was promised to offer gaming on the fly anytime and anywhere. It is analogous to the rise of Netflix, where conventional DVD rental services were completely replaced by live video streaming services for movies and TVs. However, for past years, there hasn’t been any successful GaaS example, mainly due to the unaffordable service provisioning expense, high network bandwidth & latency, and unsatisfied quality of experience (QoE). Thanks to the recent advances in networking and computing technologies, particularly the emerging 5G wireless, industry leaders, and tech pioneers have foreseen the potential of GaaS, leading to the launches of several well-known GaaS, such as Google Stadia, Microsoft Project xCloud, Tencent Start, Shadow, AnyGame, etc.

Nevertheless, to ensure the smooth and uncompromised GaaS to a large number of concurrent gaming subscriptions, numerous explorations have been made and still continue in academia and industry, including designs or schemes of rendering architectures, compression strategies, streaming protocols, as well as QoE optimizations. Over the last few years, our group has devoted efforts to designing and promoting GaaS in many aspects, including system prototyping, algorithm optimization, and commercialization. Key motivations of our work are trying to enforce the “Transparent” gaming mode for both content providers and users, at a reasonable cost with uncompromised QoE.






AI-Driven Optimization


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