Past Project: Green Video

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Video dominates the Internet traffic, and is typically in compressed format for delivery and exchange.  Energy or power is consumed for video encoding, transmission, decoding, and display.  It is still a critical issue for battery powered devices, such as SmartPhones.  Intuitively, the more bits exchanged, the more energy consumed.  Green video project is aimed to understand the enery consumption for video processing and communication and develop analytic models to guide the energy-efficient video encoding, delivery and presentation.  In addition, a Green metadata standard is developed by the ISO/IEC MPEG experts and outputed as an international standard recommendation - ISO/IEC 23001-11, for energy-efficient video consumption.

This project has spaned years with the collaborative efforts across the VIsion Lab at New York University,  the Samsung Research America  and the Vision Lab at Nanjing University.




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International Standard

  • ISO/IEC 23001-11