Efficient Representation for Point Clouds: Compression, Processing and Distortion Quatification

Written by  |  23/08/2021 - 08/31


Having its outstanding flexibility for representing 3D objects realistically and naturally, Point Cloud (PC) has become a popular media format used in vast applications, such as the Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), autonomous driving, cultural e-heritage, and digital twin, for immersive service enabling. It then urgently calls for high-efficiency compression of point cloud, both lossy and losslessly.

A point cloud is a collection of non-uniformly and sparsely distributed points that are characterized using their 3D coordinates (e.g., (x,y,z)) and  attributes (e.g., RGB colors, reflectances) if applicable. Unlike those well-structured pixel grids of a 2D image plane or video frame, point cloud relies on unconstrained displacement of points to freely represent arbitrary-shaped 3D objects. However, this puts obstacles on efficient coding of geometric occupancy due to the difficulty in characterizing and exploiting inter-correlation across spatially scattered points in a 3D space.


ICIG 2021


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