2023 Fall: 信号处理中的数学方法 (Graduate Course)

Written by  |  16/09/2020 - 14/30

Course Description:

 This course introduces the mathematical tools used in image coding, acquisition, networking, etc.


Probability and Random Process, Linear Algebra, Convex Optimization


Professor Zhan Ma,  Room 332B, Email:  mazhan@nju.edu.cnHomepage

Professor Xun Cao, Room 332B, Email: caoxun@nju.edu.cn

Professor Jian Zhao, Email: jianzhao@nju.edu.cn

Teaching Assistants:

张瑞琪,易斯, Email: nju_vision_2023@163.com 

Course Schedule: 

Tues 5-6, 

Office Hour: 

Every Tuesday Before Class (or By appointment)

Grade Policy: 

Syllabus and Course Material: 

Week #1 9.19 绪论 

Week #2 9.26 图像视频编码中的数学方法 

Week #3 10.10 主观视觉建模

Week #4 10.17 视频通信中功率优化

Week #6 10.24 视频传输优化 

Week #7 10.31 课程大作业