2023 Fall: Video Communication 视频通信

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Course Description:

 This course introduces image and video processing fundamentals, including color image capture and representation, image/video compression, video networking, selected advanced image/video processing, and communication techniques. Students will learn to implement algorithms chosen in Python (Matlab). A term project will be required.  Relevant publications will be provided as references.  Students would have to gain classical knowledge and cutting-edge techniques through this course.


Probability and Random Process, Signal and Systems, Digital Image Processing 


Professor Zhan Ma,  Room 332B, Email:  mazhan@nju.edu.cnHomepage

Teaching Assistants:

Dr. Ming Lu, minglu@nju.edu.cn Homepage

Course Schedule: 

Thurs. 1-2 仙I 322 (Week #1- #8), 电子楼311 (Week #9 - #16)

Office Hour: 

Every Thurs Before and After Class (or By appointment)

Text Book/References: 

Y. Wang, J. Ostermann, and Y.Q.Zhang, Video Processing and Communications. Prentice Hall, 2002. 'Link' (Reference for image and video coding, motion estimation, and stereo)

Richard Szeliski, Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications. (Available online:'Link') (Cover most of the material, except sparsity-based image processing and image and video coding

Grade Policy: 

Final: 60%, Midterm:20%,Class Assignments: 20% (Programming & Written)

Syllabus and Course Material: 

Week #1 9.7 视频通信简介Introduction to the video communication [pdf]

Week #2 9.14 图像视频编码Image and Video Compression  [part1, part2]

Week #3 9.21 图像视频标准 Image/Video Compression: Standards [coding_standards_pt1.pdf, coding_standards_pt2.pdf] (Courtesy of Prof. Yao Wang)

Week #4 9.28 图像编码案例教学 Practices of Image Codec Design [Overview, Readings #1, #2, #3]

Week #5 10.7  网络多媒体:协议,测量及标准  Networked Media: Protocol, Measurement, and Standard [pdf

Week #6 10.12 基于AI的视频传输 Learning for Networking [lec6_learning_for_networking.pdf]

Week #7 10.19  视觉质量评价及建模 Subjective quality assessment and quality Metrics [part1part2

Week #8 10.26 计算成像与编码Computational Imaging & Coding [lec14_计算成像_p1.pdf, lec14_计算成像_p2.pdf]

Week #9 11.2 课程大作业(选题分组)

Week #16 12.28 课程设计答辩 Project Review